These 10 creative designed furniture, mostly chairs, were made from junk. Some of them really look awesome. So, re-think before you scrap anything because it could be a good material for making an exclusive furniture.

Screw Chair

A surprisingly comfortable chair made from scraps of douglas fir and 3,726 drywall screws.

Transit Chair

Made entirely of recycled street signs, these striking chairs look great around a kitchen table, or make a powerful statement on their own. Completely constructed, finished and sealed by hand.

Shotgun Shells Chair

Designed by Alexander Reh, the Fully Loaded Chair is made from real shotgun shells. The solid steel chair has been stuffed with once-fired 12-guage shotgun shells. The welded steel frame is gun-blued by hand and can be loaded with many shell options.

NYC Transit Table

Record Table Made of Recycled Classic Rock Vinyl Records

BUGHOUSE designed this unique record table, which would fit spectacularly into your den of devil worship. It’s much more thoughtful than simply throwing them in the trash bin.

Wooden Rocking Chair

This wooden rocking chair was the first design, simply assembled and so comfortable. The slats conform to the shape of your back and with the rigging rope stops has three basic positions. Sit forward on the front stop, relax and rock away or as a lounger, put your feet up to sunbathe or watch the stars.

Dont Walk Traffic Sign Chair

Spoons and Forks Chair

Some restaurants change their cutlery as often as every nine months. The Cutlery Chair utilises these hard to recycle, unwanted cutlery pieces as building blocks to create truly unique pieces of functional furniture.

Cork Chair

Limited edition piece made from precision milled blocks of recycled wine-bottle corks.

Stack Chair

This vinyl wall-sticker in the shape of the back of a chair marks the spot, where to stack up your magazines or newspapers and gradually becomes your STACK CHAIR.