VampireFreaks is a social networking site featuring Gothic characteristics with 2.2 million members, who are obsessed with Gothic things. They organize activities or establish specific groups, like vampire film “Twilight,” to communicate and express their passion for Goth. is an interesting beard social networking site that exclusively created for people with different styles of beard. You can meet and make friends by browsing these various groups.

ZiiTrend is a social networking site for its members to forecast future events and tendencies. You can forcast your own future such as “When I will become a millionaire?” or even the event of the world like “When is the end of the world?”

Red Karaoke is a platform for “online singers” who have no chance to showcase their singing talents in real life. It provides its users with necessary tools and contents in an effort to tap their interests and promote some professional singers. Don’t be surprised to see many talented singers from this site and of course there are some horrible singers also.

If you have no friend and feel nobody loves you (sounds so bad!), then you must join Ncludr because it can make everyone your friend. On Ncludr, “you will never be refused; everybody loves you and you are the best.”

Match A Dream is a social networking site that serves like an “encyclopedia” to explain the meanings of your dreams, including terror, joy, sadness and weirdness dreams. No matter what dreams you have dreamed of, you can find similar precedents here. Besides, its function of “dream circle” will enable you to share your dreams with others.

Eons is a social networking site that similar to Facebook but exclusively for seniors. Its members can set up their individual information, join groups, share photos and videos, as well as play games just like what we do in Facebook. But Econ has an extra coolest function that you can’t find on Facebook, that’s “lifespan calculator.” It can estimate your lifetime and suggest you some methods for longevity.

This is a good social networking site for those who believe in God and wish to go to heaven after death. Once you joined Line for Heaven, you can pray for others and reserve a seat for yourself in the heaven. Sounds cool, right?

If you are sci-tech fans like those who verify Pythagorean theorem all night, you can find friends speaking the same language at Intellect Connectand, who will enlighten your potential in science.

For people who is “thinking” to divorce, you might need some advices from before you make any decision. It is a social networking site providing consultation and suggestions for divorced or on-verge-of divorce families in the U.S. After listening to their advice, you may probably find a way out for your marriage.