1. Golf balls rain in Florida, U.S.
On Sept. 1 1969, a strange storm, which saw a large number of golf balls falling in the Punta Gorda region, confused the local government in Florida very much. There still remains no appropriate explanation for it. But some experts believe that the region, famous for its golf courses, could have been hit by one of the frequent tornados near Florida Bay. The tornado may have taken the golf balls and dropped them elsewhere.

2. Candy rain in California, U.S.
On two September nights in 1857, one eighth and one quarter inch candies fell like rain in Northern California, U.S. Local residents were so happy at the time. According to the explanation released by local media in 1981 the candy was made by local women; as to why they “rained” down, no one has figured that out, may be it was just a rumor.

3. Fish rain in Great Yarmouth, UK
According to Britain’s whether observatory, whether in Great Yarmouth in UK is influenced a lot by the ocean climate. And when the cold air from the ocean meets the hot air on land, a kind of “mini tornado” sucking fish and other sea creatures can sometimes be generated. In 2002, a rain in Great Yarmouth brought lots of dead but fresh silverfish.

4. Toads rain in Lalan Village, France
In 1794, rain with a large number of toads, tadpoles and other fish fell in this place. 150 French soldiers patrolling in this region witnessed that strange rain.

5. Mud shower in three U.S. statesOn April 11, 1902, a huge cloud appeared in a dust storm in Illinois, U.S. The cloud almost swept through the whole eastern region of America. Then, rain cloud appeared in states of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, and fell in a mud shower. The “rain” continued for several minutes, any thing exposed was covered by the mud.

6. Money rain (my favorite) in Russia
A special tornado hit a county in Russia. However, the focus was not what had been destroyed in the disaster, but what it brought to this place – ancient coins from the 16th century. Archeologists predicted after analyzing the period these coins belonged to that they might have come from an unexcavated tomb. The coins were taken away by the wind because of soil weathering.

7. Meteor rain in Alabama, U.S.
On the afternoon of Nov. 30, 1954, Ann Elizabeth, who was snoozing in her house in Alabama, was hit on her hips by an 8-pound-meteor. It destroyed her roof falling into the house and rebounding off the radio onto her hips. The meteor just left her with a minor bruise, and she is still the first known person to have been hit by a meteor.

8. Meat rain in Kentucky, U.S.
On a sunny Friday in 1876, thin slice of meat fell from sky, and lots of people saw it happen. Two men tasted it and said it was not mutton or venison.

9. Space debris rain in UK
In July this year, a hot metal fragment fell down and penetrated Peter’s roof in the UK. After experts’ identification, it was found to be space debris.

10. Urine ice ball rain in UK
Recently, a huge ice ball emitting a strong urine odor fell into a British family’s garden when the family was having dinner. They carefully checked the object and found it was an ice ball made from urine from a plain’s toilet.

11. Cow rain in U.S.
A 600-pound-cow dropped from sky and attacked a couple’s van in the U.S. The couple was driving to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Fortunately, the couple was not hurt, while the cow had to be put down because of heavy injuries.

12. Money rain (again) in Germany
In December of 2007 a German city suddenly saw 20 euro notes fall from the sky like snowflakes. Many passers-by went to pick them up and hand the money to the police station. Some also told police that the money was still at the scene and had not been touched, but when police arrived there was nothing there.

13. Dead birds rain in two cities in Australia and America
Is it horrible that two cities in different hemispheres both rained dead birds? Thousands of birds’ bodies fell from sky in two cites in Australia and America respectively