If you have seen and learnt the paper craft from my earlier post “3D Paper Arts Look Simple but Creative and Nice,” now it’s time for you to move to the advance level.

This castle called Umi no Ue no Oshiro (A Castle On the Ocean – 海の上のお城), was made entirely of paper by a Japanese student Wataru Itou, who spent four years to complete it. What I can say about this great paper craft is – amazing! It is the most amazing paper craft of the world that I’d ever seen.

I had the immense opportunity to see this wonderful paper craft art installation by a genius of the name of Wataru Itou (伊藤航), a young student of a major art university here in Tokyo. The installation is hand made over four years of hard work, complete with electrical lights and a moving train, all made of paper!

If this guy needs to spend four years to complete it, how long do you need to make one?

Here are some pictures of this amazing paper castle with some lighting effects.