One of the famous Spanish matadors Julio Aparicio from Sevilla, 41, survives after having a bull’s horn pierce through his throat and into his mouth. The accident was happened in Bullfight attractions in Madrid on Sunday, May 23, 2010.

The matador lost his balance, fell to the ground and in an instant the 530-kilogram (1,168 pound) bull drove his right horn through Aparicio’s throat and out his mouth. The beast withdrew the horn rapidly and Aparicio managed to run to the side of the ring for help.

Medical team in Madrid Hospital was successfully to rescue him by 6-hour operations to recover his jaw and tongue. Doctors are reporting that Julio Aparicio is conscious and in stable condition.

Here’s the footage of the scary moment when the bull Opíparo charged towards Julio Aparicio, landing his horn just under his chin and plunging it up into his mouth.