These five people really look like some Chinese celebrities. These are the most “celebrities look alike” that I have seen so far, the similarity is over 90%.

The first one looks like Hong Kong’s famous actor/singer Andy Lau. This man won in the “Look alike competition” in China. The one on the left is fake Andy Lau and real Andy Lau is on the right.

This one looks like Taiwan’s pop singer Jay Chou. See the pictures for comparison. Left is fake Jay Chou and right one is real Jay Chou.

The man on the left looks like China’s Olympic champion, Liu Xiang.

The man of the left looks like China’s lady idol Chris Li (Lee Yu Chun).

This man (left) looks exactly like Taiwan’s famous veteran singer Emil Chau Wakin. He was the winner of “Look alike competition” also. Not only he looks like Emil Chau, when he is singing, his voice also sounds like the singer.