This LEGO Ferrari was built with 80,000 pieces LEGO bricks. It is the actual size of Ferrari but without engine, thus it can’t drive on the road. This LEGO Ferrari was made to promote LEGO World in Holland.

The Lego tends to be quite creative in their communication. Since the adhesive ground up operations in buildings. To promote the event Lego World in Holland was no different. The presenter of children’s programs Leon Krijgsman parade through the streets of Amsterdam with a Ferrari made of Lego.

The “toy” in actual size was mounted with 80 thousand pieces, celebrates the anniversary of the famous brand of toys and will be exposed in the event which runs from 16 to 23 this month.

If this LEGO Ferrari is installed with engine to make it a real car, a lot of crazy LEGO fans will sell their own cars to buy this LEGO car, I am one of them.

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