This Green Warrior Shower Curtain looks funny but it can help you to reduce the wastage of water. How? The spikes will inflate slowly while you shower. The longer time you take shower, the spikes will get harder. You will get stabbed by the spikes of the shower curtain if you stay longer, it will force you to leave the bathroom early to minimize the usage of water.

To avoid your body to be stabbed by the spikes, you have to train to clean your body as quick as possible regardless you are thoroughly clean. This funny gadget was designed by Elisabeth Beucher.

I don’t think this shower curtain is workable on me because I don’t mind to be stabbed by the spikes; I will treat it as “body massage.” By the way, I don’t need this gadget and yet don’t waste water because I really take care of my wallet due to I am the one to pay the water bills…