People are keep debating whether Lady Gaga Is A Fashion Copycat. Here are some pictures, which two singing legends try to prove that Lady Gaga’s fancy dresses were copied their ideas. However, I don’t see much similarity of the so called “same idea” in these pictures; they just look a little bit the same and some of them don’t even have 50% similarity. So, I still think it’s just “coincident” lookalike only…

LADY GAGA is accused of not really being Born This Way and actually pinching her outfit ideas from other quirky divas.

Two singing legends have claimed the 25-year-old stole their signature styles.

Actress Bette Midler, 65, lashed out after GaGa dressed as a mermaid while in a wheelchair at a gig in Sydney last week. She tweeted: “I’ve been doing singing mermaid in a wheelchair since 1980. You can keep the meat dress and firecracker tits – the mermaid’s mine.”

Eighties star Grace Jones, 63, also claimed GaGa had copied her.

She said: “I’ve seen some of the things she’s worn that I’ve worn and that kind of p***es me off.”

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