You can make your toilet more lively now by replacing your regular ceramic flushing tank with The Fish ‘N Flush Aquarium. Most of the people when see it first time, they fear the fish are going down the drain along with your “output” when flushing. But these acrylic tanks are completely separate from the toilet tank and are designed to fit directly against the companion tank reservoir.

Both fresh water and salt water can be added to the 2.2-gallon aquariums, but live coral should not be used. Fish ‘n Flush provides a dual-filter system, making it safe for children. It also provides two nine-inch plastic plants, a fill valve, and a complete flushing system. All you need are water, fish and food.

The Fish ‘n Flush Toilet-Tank Aquarium Kit Includes:
• Two-piece Aquarium Tank
• Dual-Filter System With Pump
• Two Nine-inch Artificial Plants
• Basic Aquarium Guide
• Flushing System
• Flush Valve
• Fill Valve

This is a very good idea for those who don’t have space at home to put an aquarium. It is selling at $300, I think the price is reasonable. I am thinking to make it the home for my scorpions, what do you think?

You can also see the video below for better idea how it looks like.