The stainless steel Instant Trend concept watch from watchmaker Tokyoflash is not just a stylish timepiece but it’s also a latest electronic device that allowed you to receive latest text updates of your tweets and Facebook accounts via Bluetooth connection to your smartphone.

This concept watch has integrated Bluetooth so that when you pair with your smartphone, any notifications received will be transmitted directly to your watch. Great for keeping up to date with what’s going on with your friends and with trending topics across the globe. You can scan through recent notifications by pressing the buttons.

The function looks like a pager; you receive messages on pager via call centre but you will receive messages from twitter and Facebook in this watch. BTW, you still remember what is pager?

Although its site said that reading the time is simple but it doesn’t look simple. You need to add the blocks; 12 blocks for hours, 5 blocks for groups of 10 minutes and single minutes 1-9.

However, if you find the time in blocks form is hard to read, you can change the time mode to regular time mode.