Let’s see who were the top weird stars of 2010.

Korean Man Marries His Giant Pillow

A 28-year-old Korean man Lee Jin-gyu was so obsessed with his “dakimakura,” a kind of large pillow from Japan with an Anime character Fate Testarossa printed on it, has married his giant pillow in front of a local priest in a special wedding ceremony. The “bride” was dressed in wedding gown.

3-year-old Chinese Boy Weighs 60kg

Three-year-old Xiao Hao already tips the scales at a massive 60kg. He has been banned by several local nurseries in Guangzhou, southern China, as a health hazard to other youngsters.

Warned by doctors that his heart will never stand the strain, we’re hoping that an appearance in our rundown might shame his family into cutting down on the sweet treats this young lad is evidently partial to.

2-Year-Old Indonesian Boy Smokes 40 Cigarettes a Day

The youngster began smoking at just 11 months after his father Mohammed gave him a cigarette to help ease a headache. However, after photos showing the boy puffing away on his toy truck were revealed to the world, Indonesian authorities stepped in.

And praise be, there’s a happy ending to this one: after three months of treatment the tiny tot finally kicked the habit.

Unbelievable Mountain Goats Action

If rocks are good enough to lick, can heads be good enough to eat? A police e-fit of a burglar who stole £60 from an elderly woman looked rather like a lettuce/human cross-breed.

Lettuce Head

If you thought Lettuce Head didn’t make a pretty sight, wait until you see this bad boy. The blobfish may not be much to look at, but the world would be a less interesting place without them.


The blobfish may not be much to look at, but the world would be a less interesting place without them. Sadly they’re under threat because increasing levels of deep-sea fishing in Australia are dragging up these creatures of the deep. Hopefully crusading articles like ours will save these sulky sea dwellers.

Yoga Bear

They say exercise raises the spirits, so perhaps blobfish should take up some yoga – just like this bear.Fitter than your average bear, Yoga likes nothing more than to undertake a vigorous set of stretches after she wakes up at Ahtari Zoo in Finland. When this picture was taken the lithe brown bear limbered up for a full 15 minutes.